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What will I do with my figures one day?

7 February, 2010 2 comments

Sometimes I wonder what will I do with my figures on day?

I hope that my interest in them will hold up for a very very long time but they are already starting to become a space problem. When I move into a bigger place this will be alleviated but if I extrapolate their growth…. I wont have room left for myself very soon.

It’s getting so bad its beginning to affect how and what I purchase, which is not really a good way to buy stuff like these.

I was just reading this: and thinking wouldn’t it be cool if I could do the same thing one day but with figures? that would be so much fun. And you can share your joy in them with other people. Figures aren’t that popular over here so it should be relatively easy to carve a niche in them. I can only dream for now.

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